1. Is the Sanctuary open to the public?

Peaceable Primate Sanctuary is a private sanctuary – not open to the public. We do host multiple events throughout the year as well as being open for tours. See Plan a Visit for more information.

2. How does the Peaceable Primate Sanctuary provide vet care?

Peaceable Primate Sanctuary provides top quality veterinary care to all of our primates. All primates go through medical exams before they arrive at the sanctuary, and we have a licensed veterinarian who oversees their medical and nutritional needs.

3. Can the primates be returned to medical research?

All the primates are released to the care and ownership of Peaceable Primate Sanctuary and will not be removed from the premises nor returned to any previous owner or facility.

4. How long do primates live?

The life spans of baboons and macaques vary much like our own; however, an estimate with good care and nutrition are 20-35 years old.

5. How do I buy/donate items from your Wish List?

There are several ways to buy or donate from our Wish List. You can find Peaceable Primate Sanctuary’s wish list by clicking here. By clicking on our Amazon Smile logo at the bottom of our home page, you also can donate a percentage of everything you buy through Amazon to Peaceable Primate Sanctuary. You can always send a package to our address 6415 N 800 W Winamac, IN 46996 or donate through this website.

6. How much does it cost to care for a primate?

At $15.00 a day, each primate costs $450.00 Monthly, $5400.00 a year. This covers food, housing, enrichment and medical/nutritional supplemental care. At this time we have 58 primates in our care.




The Peaceable Primate Sanctuary in Winamac, Indiana is actively looking for a motivated, hardworking individual to join our animal care team.



Peaceable Primate Sanctuary welcomes volunteers who have love for animals and a passion for helping the community.